About Company

Catering Services for Corporate and Private Occasions 

What do we do? Well, in a nutshell, we feed you. The food you’ll love. The food you’ll want to order again. Food to make your board meeting more interesting. Food to serve to friends with champagne. The food you’ll be almost too nervous to enjoy at your daughter’s wedding.

Richard Ford and Pat Casey launched Food Fusions in London (the UK, not Ontario) in 2002, and Richard brought Great Food to Vancouver’s shores in 2004.

Richard and Pat have been in this game for 15 years. Both highly trained chefs with loads of additional health and safety qualifications, the two have put in their time in many top restaurant and hotel kitchens.

But nothing beats the catering – ask us for some of the stories about cooking for a Lord Chief Justice, or spending a summer’s week in the kitchen of a Dordogne chateau.

What makes us unique? We know how to cook and we’re fun to work with. We know how to create brilliant tasting, great looking meals. And we know how to get it to your guests hot and on-time, without running out of the good stuff.

We’re easy to work with, but eminently professional when the occasion calls for it. Just see our Client list & testimonials.