Brand Adaption

Adopt The Real Food Brand

Help create a brighter future for everyone.

This is The Brand to bring us together in the enhancement of our lives. BrandBank created it to be the stairway to a meeting of the minds and bodies of small farmers and enlightened consumers at Farmers Markets, Co-ops, CSA’s, Stands, and any venue where Real Food is present.

To be effective it has to have proper exposure. The Real Food Brand has to live up to its name, who uses it, that which bears it, and who seeks its benefits. Management of Farmer’s Markets are the gatekeepers for permission to use the Brand.

Does this preclude use by others that do not sell at a Farmer’s Market? No. Local CSA’s can request permission of Markets, providing The Brand’s qualifications are met. The same is true of provisioners of restaurants and other venues supporting the premises of The Brand. In fact, Brandbank will be seeking out chefs who adhere to the principles of The Brand so as to provide their restaurants the opportunity to exhibit The Real Food Brand.

This synergy is the answer to amplifying The Brand, providing ample exposure, scope, adoption, and visibility.

BrandBank will work closely with Markets to facilitate implementation and help with the availability of applications each Market selects to use. Such Brand Consultation will be Pro-Bono to foster broad exposure and collective value to Markets, Vendors, and The Public.

BrandBank has also created “The Awareness Alliance” as a resource for many of The Brand’s applications. Click on that separate page of this website for details.

The Real Food Brand is well-deserved for all who work at making that food available, and those seeking it.