Real Food Branding

The Members of Real Food’s “Who’s Who”!

This isn’t a Listing of “The Blue-Bloods” with a lineage and deep pockets. This is special. It is a grouping of people far better in most regards. It represents “Red-Blooded” folks that toil the soil.

“We’re talking Real Farmers…Neighbors”

Until now, knowing who they are, where they’re located, what expertise each has, and the benefits to be gained from knowing them, plus having a way of seeking them out, has not been easy.

Some of us have discovered them at a Farmer’s Market. Perhaps we’ve crossed paths during a stop at their road-side stand. Unfortunately, much of the time those contacts are one-time events soon forgotten. About 97% of us, for a host of reasons, choose to the supermarket, fast feed, and microwave.

“We don’t know what’s good for us”.

We need to recognize who has our health, nutrition, taste, freshness, and well-being in mind and at hand.

“That’s about to change with”…