Food Brand

The Real Food Brand

Real Food is the first and only product in ages to initiate its own category. The symbol shown adjacent is the universal mark of registered ownership…the “Circle R”. It is the core of Real Food’s logo, a Brand graphic that registers itself as proprietary and one-of-a-kind.

It has been further strengthened with the graphic additions of stairsteps rising up from the circle into the R itself, representing the fact that Real Food is approachable, several steps up, and higher in value.

One might also think of those steps as emblematic of well-ordered fields.

Add further uniques to the design in terms of encircling copy that defines its source, “Locally Raised”, and that anything bearing it is a “Real Food Brand” and you have the ultimate differentiation from the food of lesser worth.

Brand-Building for Real Food

The Real Food Brand Seal

Purveyors qualifying for designation as growers, raisers, producers, and marketers of Real Food now have a Brand and trademark to identify the foods they offer. Many inexpensive and easy-to-adopt-and-implement applications of The Real Food Seal appear on subsequent pages of this website.

The Real Food Seal is the new “heads I win, tails you lose” coin of the realm in purchasing food that visually contributes to the potential of consumers seeing their way to well-being.

Here is The Real Food Seal in colors chosen to represent the pure earth tone and green of the origin of food-bearing it.